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What’s your favorite diapered memory? Your funniest or most embarrassing one? What have you always wanted to do with diapers that you have never had the chance to or have been too afraid to try?

1. My favourite diapered memory, probably would be, the day i tried for the first time a diaper. I’m skinny and when i was 16 i could easily fit in a baby diaper…. and oh man, that feeling

2. The funniest one…. probably some unexpected leakings… with people sleeping in the room next door… crazy nights…

3. I really don’t know what do you mean, but probably the thing that I’m most afraid to do is, to tell somebody in my life about all this….

new avy

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Anónimo ha dicho: What nappie would you recommend

The Aww So Cute or the Abri Form M4

rulzluv ha dicho: hola amigo excelente blog tienes gran material queria ver si podias pasarme algo de tu material saludos coordiales y de nuevo excelente blog

gracias! pero desgraciadamente no tengo material que compartir, te recomiendo que visites las páginas de diapermess, abdreams o clip4sale que tienen mucho, mucho material que te puede interesar!

colorful-ponies ha dicho: Oh, fuf with the losers that complain... do what you love >:U


Anónimo ha dicho: Can you get a girl to do a scene that I'm about to request: the girl is waiting in the room for the doc to come back then walks to a closet to find all this diaper baby stuff and try's on a diaper then she hears the door about to open then closes the closet quickly and covering up her diaper then the doc finds out she's wearing one and punishs her by spanking her or making her his own diaper girl space that does hat ever he wants to her of that sort. Thanks for listening

Maybe you should ask to diapermessor diaparedonline or diapergal or abdreams

They make great stuff, take a look at their websites!

Anónimo ha dicho: Can u make a diaper video showing you using a toy on your pussy

Don’t think so, i’m a guy so…

Anónimo ha dicho: De que parte de España eres?

Del norte

Anónimo ha dicho: Hi spanishdl, do you have supermassive diaper mess video? It´s fantastic :-).

i do not.